Episode 42: May 2013 Michaels and Johnson ~ Expansive Hearts and Minds with Tantra

Episode 41: March 2013 Concentrating the Hell Out of Mind: Jhana.

Episode 40: March 2013 Living on Air and Truth: Ken Rose & the What Now Show.

Episode 39: March 2013 Solastalgia and Creative Response.

Episode 38: March 2013 Small Footprints with Jim Merkel.

Episode 37: February 2013 Living Within Means.

Episode 36: February 2013 The New Worldviews Emerging Now.

Episode 35: January 2013 Living Hero Special Program: It's the Parenting, Dodo.

Episode 34: January 2013 Living Hero Special Program: Trips Beyond Addiction.

Episode 33: April 2011 Living Hero Special Program: The Unreal World of Narcissists and Sociopaths.

Episode 32: January 2011 Interview with Bruce Alexander, research psychologist; author

Episode 31: November 2010 Interview with Dr. Martha Stout, clinical psychologist; author

Episode 30: September 2010 Interview with Dr. Philip Zimbardo, legendary research psychologist; author

Episode 29: August 2010 The Power of Wisdom, a special program on the Sisters of Earth conference, held in July 2010

Episode 28: July 2010 Ellen Bryson, novelist and world traveler

Episode 27: June 2010 Where's the Imagination?, our first audio essay in The Synthesis Series

Episode 26: May 2010 Gabor Maté, physician, author, expert in addictions, ADD/ADHD, and human behavior

Episode 25: Apr 2010 Ric O'Barry, dophin expert, activist and author

Episode 24: Mar 2010 Vandana Shiva, ecofeminist, activist and author

Episode 23: Feb 2010 Anne Wilson Schaef, therapist, expert in overcoming addictions

Episode 22: Dec 2009 & Jan 2010 Terry Riley, composer, musician

Episode 21: Nov 2009 Suzi Gablik, artist, author

Episode 20: Oct 2009 Derrick Jensen, author, activist

Episode 19: Sep 2009 John Taylor Gatto, historian, educator, author

Episode 18: Aug 2009 Stella Resnick, psychologist, author

Episode 17: July 2009 Jonah Lehrer, author, blogger

Episode 16: Podcast no longer available

Episode 15: May 2009 Jim Merkel, author, educator

Episode 14: Apr 2009 Allan Luks, author, non-profit director, advocate

Episode 13: Mar 2009 Lauri Grossman, homeopathic physician, medical historian

Episode 12: Feb 2009 Carolyn Raffensperger, executive director of SEHN

Episode 11: Dec 2008 & Jan 2009 Riane Eisler, author, thought leader

Episode 10: Nov 2008 Richard Davidson, research scientist (consciousness, meditation)

Episode 9: Oct 2008 Scott Baum, bioenergetic analyst in Manhattan

Episode 8: Sep 2008 Marcy Axness, psychologist, child advocate, educator

Episode 7: Aug 2008 Scott Parsons, athlete, fundraiser, former sales executive

Episode 6: Podcast no longer available

Episode 5: Podcast no longer available

Episode 4: Apr 2008 Maria Nemeth, author, program designer, educator

Episode 3: Podcast no longer available

Episode 2: Feb 2008 Dan Pink, author, speaker

Episode 1: Jan 2008 Robert Stickgold, research scientist (sleep and dreams)

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