Interview with Riane Eisler

December 1st, 2008


The Living Hero show is honored to present an interview with author, speaker and thought leader, Riane Eisler. She is recognized as one of the most original minds of our time, and has been included among the world's 20 great thinkers and peacemakers. She is president of the Center for Partnership Studies and is best known for her international bestseller The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future. Riane holds degrees in sociology and law from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and has done pioneering and transformative work in the fields of human rights and relations, history, sociology, economics, psychology, and education. She is the author of over 200 essays and articles and five books.

We talked about:

• The redistribution and redefinition of power • What is the real wealth of nations? • Political ironies and transformation • Playing economics with a full deck • The psychological underpinnings of domination and control • Gender relations and notions of male and female power • Is human nature fundamentally flawed? • Riane's own path of transformation • The neurochemistry of pain and pleasure • Creativity as a force for leadership and change

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Enjoy the show! (The interview is 50 minutes)

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  • BB

    The idea that awareness is changing and things will change because the rulers will realize they are in “first class in a sinking ship”" is an interesting one. In the past when awareness changed on a massive way like in the centuries after Plato was translated into Latin in Toledo, the rulers came up with the Inquisition. Or, the Battle of White Mountain. Or, the French “civil” wars to stop the spreading of this very appealing awareness from getting past 10% of the population. Today, we are only now realizing they have been starving our schools for 30 yrs, and 100M Gen Y Americans will not be as educated and critically thinking as their parents and grand-parents. Now they’ve gutted the economy through carefully concealed fiat. They do not want an “involved economics”. Their system is served by volatility and suffering and desperation so there will always be fire asset sales and hungry victimizers to do their bidding in a low wage, high profit, low risk economy extraction and coercion economy. Now 3 yrs into Obama’s term,it is obvious that with a Super Majority and the numbers of which she speaks, wage earners get nothing, while dividend earners continue to get. And their war machine doesn’t have to stop either. They are even today painting an oil war to prevent Gaddafi from deals with Russia in Libya as “freedom” and apple pie and they are getting away with it in our “civil information infrastructure” which is privately owned. They decide when to capture Bin Laden and to put the knife in their Pakistani ISI buddies when it suits them. These thinkers with diagnosis of what needs fixing, and visions for a good future are great to listen to. It is inspiring. But, their grasp of power mechanisms, and games like “first strike” which have been used to take out enlightened aware middle classes before, starting let’s say in 1492, are pretty naive!

    May 17, 2011 at 11:38 pm