Interview with Anne Wilson Schaef

February 1st, 2010


Know anyone who keeps doing things everybody knows aren’t good for them, others, or the environment? Our guest for February, Anne Wilson Schaef, is an expert facilitator in overcoming multiple addictions. Anne takes an unconventional, whole systems approach to awakening and healing people in light of their familial heritage and societal context.

“I think that a part of our work as human beings in this life is to bring as much as we can of our unconscious into consciousness so that we know what we're dealing with and we have the opportunity to heal it . . . ” says Anne Wilson Schaef in this interview.

We talked about:

Leaving psychotherapy behind ● Process addictions and substance addictions ● Surprise! Our society is an addict ● Addiction and schizophrenia ● A progressive and fatal disease ● Can we recover? ● The elements of a successful intervention ● Wisdom and native humility ● The way of science and technology ● The pseudopodic ego ● Escape from Intimacy ● Political dimensions of dysfunction ● The crucial question on the planet ● The trouble with dualism ● The twelve steps and power ● Can billions of people heal?

Enjoy the show! (The interview is about an hour and 7 minutes.)

Listen at your convenience!

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Visit: Anne's Boulder Hot Springs Inn & Spa at Boulder, MT And her website:



  • Bette Talbot

    Excellent interview.

    May 11, 2010 at 5:07 pm
  • Alex Katsanos

    It’s March 2011 and we have just had the disaster in Japan. I was thinking about the whole situation and I remembered “Anne Wilson Schaef’s words “we are under the illusion that we can control things” “We think that we can control the weather.” Well we think we can control nuclear power, but we clearly cannot! We are co-dependent to all these power structures and they are breaking down. Thanks for the interview!

    Mar 16, 2011 at 9:29 am
  • Dr. Susan Tucker

    I worked with Anne in 1989. She is a brilliant woman and often pushes people into a realm of thinking that angers them…I have seen it happen. She, as any of us, is human. But I can say she is thought provoking and very dedicated to her conviction. She is a futuristic thinker…some folks have not been ready for her. I appreciate the opportunity to work with her for thae year that I did.

    Mar 16, 2011 at 5:30 pm