LIVING HERO represents a fusion of Jari Chevalier’s multidisciplinary work with visual art, insight meditation, dance, poetry, yoga, psychology, philosophy, and progressive education. For over 20 years, she brought holistic programs to hundreds of individuals and groups, through academic settings (SUNY Purchase, Antioch University, Fordham University, Lakewood Prep School); wellness centers (Spa Ojai, The Oaks); and coaching/consulting. As a literary artist, her honors include poems published in over 20 literary magazines, several prizes, and a guest appearance on NPR’s Beyond Words. In the visual arts, Jari has received residency grants from Vermont Studio Center and from The Ragdale Foundation. Her works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and her solo show, Mathematics of Ecstasy, toured to seven small museums, university galleries and community arts centers in 2008 and 2009 through the North Dakota Art Gallery Association. She earned her Master’s in creative writing from City College of New York and graduated with honors in writing and literature from Columbia University. In 1993 and 1994, Jari traveled to India, Japan and Thailand, deepening her appreciation of Eastern wisdom and culture.

LIVING HERO provides a forum for crossdisciplinary discussion with leading-edge thinkers, authors, researchers and activists working in a variety of fields pertinent to a holistic view of human development. This work is a creative artist's way of drawing the connections between psyche and society.

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